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What To Do If A Tree Falls on Your Property

As storms increase with summer weather, so do the chances of falling trees. When a tree falls on your property or roof, an emergency tree removal service will ensure you and your family stay safe while professionals cut and remove the tree stump, fallen limbs, and other debris. But what do you do in the meantime?

Many homeowners don’t think about what to do if a tree falls on their home or yard. Knowing what to do in this dangerous situation can help you recover from storm damage better.

Evacuate the House if Necessary

A fallen tree on your roof could break through, causing significant damage or injuring someone. If this happens, you should leave your house as soon as possible. If a tree damages power lines, you could risk electrocution. Pack your essential belongings and find another place to stay until it’s safe to return.

If a tree falls in your yard and doesn’t damage power lines or your property, you don’t need to leave.

Contact Emergency Services

If a fallen tree takes down power lines with it, your property could catch fire, or you could receive a fatal electrical shock. Before leaving your home, you should turn off your breaker box to avoid electrical issues indoors and outdoors.

Next, you should call applicable emergency services. These entities work with the tree service company to facilitate quick tree removal. Contact your electrical company and alert them of the emergency, then call the local fire department and police to isolate the area and put out fires.

Get Proof of the Damage

You’ll need to collect photo and video evidence of the damage once there is no longer a threat. Be sure to capture all damaged elements, including broken windows, impacted roofing or siding, and damage inside your home and submit it to your homeowner’s insurance company.

Circumstances surrounding your home damage and potential estimates from local tree removal companies determine how much you’ll receive from the insurance company or if they deny your claim. After your insurance company settles on a claim amount, you can schedule professional services.

Call a Professional Tree and Stump Removal Company

Call your local tree and stump removal company to handle the rest of the work. A professional tree removal company like Proscapes & Tree offers fast and safe tree removal services. Contact our team today by filling out our online form to get started.

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