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3 Most Common Types of Retaining Walls

While living in Georgia it’s likely that you have a beautiful property lined with shrubs, trees, and flower beds. It’s not uncommon to also have an aesthetically pleasing trickling stream cut across your land. Unfortunately, your breathtaking scenery may fall apart without retaining walls in your landscape.

Here are the three most popular types of retaining walls to help you learn why these structures are crucial and which is best for you.

Structural Retaining Walls to Prevent Soil Erosion

Many homes rest on uneven ground that slopes downward from the house. While many Georgia residents prefer and appreciate this hilltop look, soil erosion from runoff water and heavy downhill winds deteriorates the soil, making it tough to grow your greenery. It also causes your vegetation to shift and, in some cases, your land to be unstable.

Help your landscape hold up against the excessive annual rainfall with structural retaining walls. Our retaining walls resist lateral pressure from soil with sturdy stone or manufactured concrete blocks. Whether you prefer stone or block retaining walls, we can help keep your home safe.

Aesthetic Retaining Walls for Decoration

In this case, the retaining wall is a structure that primarily adds visual appeal to your outdoor space. Whether you’re slightly elevating and lining a plant bed with a beautiful brick or stone enclosure or creating a property border, these shorter retaining walls come in more design options than other walls. That’s because they don’t need to uphold too much weight from shifting soil or floods.

\Discuss with your contractor how to make an aesthetic privacy wall and which styles are better suited for your home or landscape. They can help you find the perfect wall for your home.

Seating Retaining Walls to Create Usable Space

To better enjoy the scenery, consider creating usable space in your outdoor area. Some homeowners already have a cozy fire pit, a swimming pool for summer hangouts, or a spacious paver patio. Others barely have a few folding chairs in their garden corner.

Whatever your lounge space, or if you’d like to create a better one, consider seating walls. Seating retaining walls are attractive and functional, providing you and your guests more comfort outdoors. The added space comes in any size and form to fit your home or outdoor area and lasts years against the elements with little upkeep.

The beautiful hardscape around your seating area comprises a poured concrete foundation that keeps the area safe fro,/u>m runoff water and a course of blocks or stone retaining walls that you can customize to look however you like. If you’re in the northwest Atlanta metro, contact the experts at Proscapes & Tree to schedule a consultation for your next retaining wall construction project.

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