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Lawn Aeration

Proscapes & Tree is a leading provider of lawn aeration services to residential and commercial clients in Marietta, GA and surrounding communities such as Acworth, Kennesaw, Woodstock & Sandy Springs.

Professional Lawn Aeration in Marietta, GA & Surrounding Areas

Over time your yard may become compacted to the point that it prevents air, water, and nutrients from penetrating surface. This can often occur due to an event such as a graduation party hosted on your lawn, kids playing, mowing and more. When this happens, your turf needs a visit from a team that knows how to revive soil and create dense root systems. We utilize machinery that mechanically remove the cores of turf as opposed to poking spikes into the ground. Removing cores allows for air and moisture to flow into the soil and reach the roots. 

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

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When to Aerate a Lawn in Marietta, GA?

For cool season turf varieties such as Tall Fescue, aeration is a common practice during both early-spring and fall (when grass is still actively growing). Cool season grasses should be aerated at least once per year. For lawns that receive a lot of foot traffic or have very compact soil, it is best to aerate twice per year.

For warm season grasses such as Bermudagrass, it is best to aerate at least once per year in early summer when the grass is actively growing. For lawns with lots of foot traffic or very compact soil, we recommend aerating twice per year.

We also offer lawn maintenance service packages that can be tailored to your property, get in touch today to learn more!

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