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Outdoor Drainage Solutions

Proscapes & Tree provides top-notch outdoor lawn and landscape drainage solutions for residential and commercial clients in Marietta, Acworth, Woodstock, Kennesaw, Sandy Springs & other areas of the northwest metro.

Lawn & Landscape Drainage Repair Experts in Marietta, GA

Proper lawn drainage is essential to ensure the water will is directed to the right locations throughout your property. Drainage issues often do not become apparent until there is a noticeable problem. We highly recommend taking care of these issues immediately to avoid creating even more issues down the road. In the long-term, standing water can cause minor damage to your landscaping and also driveways, walkways, and patios. It can also seriously impact your home’s foundation to the point that you will need to hire a foundation contractor to fix the damage. For drainage repairs and solutions that will make sense for your property, get in touch with our reliable team at Proscapes & Tree to discuss options. Our outdoor drainage experts are familiar with a variety of repair methods that will solve your property’s most troubling drainage problems. We have decades of experience and can provide the best drainage correction services in Marietta.

French Drain Installation

A French drain, named after the American farmer, Henry French, is a unique lawn drainage solution. Our team will dig a trench with a slight slope, install drainage pipe and back-fill it with stone to encourage water to move away from structures.

Grading to Prevent Water Infiltration

We often suggest regrading your lawn as a way to manage landscape drainage problems as it is often the most cost-effective drainage solution. The regrading process is a very quick method to remedy most drainage problems you are experiencing.

Dry Creek Bed Installation

We also offer another type of drainage solution called a dry creek bed. It involves digging a trench on your property from the location where water is collecting, and directing it away from structures to an ideal spot, which might be a low lying area or near a storm drain. A dry creek bed resembles a creek with the rock used on the surface. This solution works with your property’s grade to move water down a slope to a designated drainage area. The trench harbors the water in that area, instead of in your lawn or landscape beds.

Installing a dry creek bed on your property will diverts water every time it rains. The result is not having to worry about water building up where it should not be, such as your foundation, landscaping or lawn areas.

Our team is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to handling all types of drainage issues. It might be time to look for a solution if you notice more standing water or are experiencing frequent flooding anywhere on your property. 

At Proscapes & Tree, you can trust our experts to figure out the right solution to fix your drainage issues. Get started today requesting a quote or giving us a call at (678) 855-8226.

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