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Proscapes & Tree is a top-rated residential and commercial retaining wall installer serving Marietta, Acworth, Sandy Springs, Kennesaw, Woodstock and surrounding communities.

Retaining Wall Installers in Marietta & Surrounding Communities

Not every property features the perfect terrain for a sprawling turf area. Many have hillsides, slopes or other obstacles and a retaining wall is critical to hold back that slope to prevent erosion, as well as create an area for curb appeal such as planting beds, or for an area of turf that can be used for recreation while making it easier to mow the lawn each week. Our Marietta retaining wall experts can construct a variety of retaining walls whether they are for function and in place to solve or prevent issues with erosion, or the aesthetic value by constructing a freestanding wall adjacent to a paver patio.

But regardless of the wall’s purpose, our retaining wall construction will last for decades. At Proscapes & Tree, you can count on our highly-trained hardscape crews’ know-how to use your property’s geographic features to their advantage when constructing a retaining wall and equipping it with a drainage system when water needs to be dispersed away from structures.

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Retaining Wall

What's the Best Option: Timber, Boulder or Manufactured Block?

There are multiple ways to build functional walls to prevent erosion. The choice between boulders and manufactured concrete block usually is decided by budget, style and design as well as how the wall will coexist with the existing landscaping.

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