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Proscapes & Tree provides efficient stump grinding in Marietta, GA and surrounding communities throughout the northwest Atlanta metro.

Professional Stump Grinding in Marietta & Surrounding Areas

No matter the type of property, a tree stump is rarely a positive addition to aesthetics or the function of an outdoor space. This is especially the case as a stump decays, it may attract insects since a rotted out stump makes a great home for bees & wasps and other wild animals, plus they can become another obstacle to mow around. At Proscapes & Tree, our Marietta stump grinding service is the most efficient and non-invasive method to removing that unsightly stump from your property. We use commercial-grade equipment designed to place minimal impact on your lawn or landscape when accessing the area where the stump is located. Once the stump has been completely pulverized, we clean up the work area, remove all the debris and haul away to a proper compost site.

Why Should You Remove A Stump From Your Property?

Removing a stump in Marietta

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