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5 Components of a Thorough Yard Clean Up

Efficient yard cleanup requires more than you might think. It demands numerous tasks that many homeowners skip to save time and effort. Fortunately, the team at Proscapes & Tree has developed a brief guide to teach Georgia homeowners the five essential components of a yard cleanup process.

Five Components of Yard Cleanup

1. Yard Debris Removal

Debris and leaf removal is one of the first steps in the yard cleanup process. Excess leaves and debris can suffocate plants and grass as well as significantly decrease your property’s curbside appeal. The first step most professional crews take with a clean up is to use leaf blowers to remove leaves, sticks, pine cones and other debris from landscape beds and lawn areas.

2. Dethatching

A common practice during both spring and fall, while part of the crew is using blowers to push leaves out of the beds, a mower operator will have a dethatch rake mounted to the front of their machine and drive throughout your lawn areas to remove thatch in an effort to help your lawn get more sunlight, water and air.

3. Lawn Mowing

It’s no secret that efficient yard cleanup requires lawn mowing. Once you remove the debris from your beds, it’s time to pick up all the debris with the commercial-grade mowers’ bagging systems and haul it away to a compost site.

4. Mulch Installation

Mulch helps retain moisture in your landscape beds, allowing your plants to thrive. Applying a top-dress layer of mulch in your landscape beds after a spring clean up or fall leaf removal will enhance your property’s charm while promoting healthy growth.

5. Plant Pruning

Some plants require pruning to stay healthy and maintain their appearance. While cleaning your yard, prune your plants by removing diseased or dead limbs from their structure.

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If you want your property to reach its full potential, contact Proscapes & Trees for professional yard cleanup services. Our team can make your lawn look better than ever without surpassing your budget. We understand the best approach to every yard cleanup project and will ensure your yard looks its best every time we visit your property.

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