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5 Landscaping Mistakes That Hurt Curb Appeal

The attractiveness of your home or business property from the street is a combination of numerous factors. Finding the right combination of landscape elements can be challenging to sort out.

Read more below to uncover what curb appeal mistakes you might be making on your property or what to avoid in the future.

1. Overgrown Landscaping

Grass that hasn’t been cut and shrubs or trees that need trimming can be unsightly. By putting together a weekly routine with lawn mowing, weed control and tree pruning, it’s easy to keep an ideal your property looking aesthetically pleasing.

2. Clutter

While the goal for most homeowners is a perfectly manicured lawn and a landscape that pops with color and compliments the exterior of your home, this isn’t always the case. Stumps could be left over after recently cutting down a tree. Yards can be clogged with debris, whether it’s from a recent storm that knocked down branches, weeds that sprouted in the landscape beds, or trash that blew in on a windy day. It’s critical to keep your yard neat and tidy by removing these objects or debris to allow your landscape to look its best.

3. Poorly Maintained Shrubs and Trees

Pruning the trees and shrubs on your property is an essential task that adds a lot to a home’s curb appeal. Proper pruning allows your trees and shrubs to flourish and accentuate the beauty of the landscaping around it. It’s advisable to contact a tree service expert with the knowledge and expertise to keep plantings healthy and beautiful.

4. Unusual Decor

A sure way to downgrade curb appeal is by adding unusual decor to a yard. While many love gnomes, flamingos or dozens of wind chimes, in most instances they do not add a lot to the attractiveness of a property. Keep collectible lawn ornaments to a minimum, and only put out items in good condition. Decorative objects may be better suited for the backyard where the space is more secluded.

5. Uninviting Atmosphere

No matter the reason you want to improve your curb appeal, the main goal is to create an inviting atmosphere for guests, neighbors, or strangers. Consider your property from an outsider’s perspective. If the outside of your home appears unwelcoming or harsh, then you need to assess areas for improvement. For example, too much severely crumbling pavement on the driveway or sidewalks can be hazardous and ugly.

If your residence or business is struggling with its curb appeal, get in touch with Proscapes & Tree, the best landscaping company in Marietta, GA today to schedule a consultation for a landscape renovation to maximize your property’s exterior presence.

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