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5 Popular Blooming Shrubs For Your North Georgia Landscaping


For homeowners residing in Marietta, GA, most have a desire for their home and landscaping to look the very best it can. Finding the most suitable blooms for your landscape designs can be fun if you know where to look. Check out the following options for blooming shrubs below for your Georgia property.

1. Viburnum Species

Viburnum is a shrub that is available in a wide variety of species. You can find Viburnums that will suit all types of landscape designs. Some varieties include Korean Spice Viburnum, Chinese Snowball Viburnum, Shasta Viburnum, and Brandywine Viburnum. If you like the look of the clustered blossoms, make sure you have a spot where it can get four to five hours of bright sunlight a day. This shrub also enjoys some afternoon shade to get a break from the North Georgia heat. Bear in mind that deer do enjoy the taste of the Viburnum, but do not disturb it very often.

2. Calycanthus floridus or Sweet Shrub

If you are interested in shrubs native to the southern states, consider the Sweet Shrub. This blooming shrub is otherwise known as the Carolina Allspice. This shrub is found commonly from Florida all the way north to Virginia. The fragrance of the Sweet Shrub is a lovely mixture of banana, strawberry, and pineapple. You can see that the name is very apt. The Carolina Allspice displays maroon blossoms in April and May every year. It does not require a lot of care and is relatively pest resistant because the leaves and bark have a different odor, allowing this shrub to be more resistant to deer.

3. Camellia japonica and Camellia sasanqua

Camellia is ubiquitous with a fine Georgian landscape. Choose different varieties so that you always have a camellia shrub in bloom throughout the year. Most Camellia shrubs have white, pink, or red as their main color. However, the different varieties come in a dazzling array of variations. There are two main species of Camellia. Sasanqua Camellias bloom in fall and early winter, while Japonica Camellias bloom more in the spring. Camellia japonica is much bigger than the other species. Plan to grow Camellia japonica well away from the side of your house because they can reach heights up to fifteen feet tall. Deer very rarely disturb either variety of Camellia.

4. Hydrangea Species

A classic southern garden is not complete without at least one hydrangea. Hydrangeas come in many species, which can cause some confusion over care requirements. Some species do better in the shade, but some do better in the sun. Some species bloom best on new wood, while others blossom on old wood. Check out the following varieties that are common and popular in northern Georgia.

Varieties of Hydrangeas:

  • Annabelle
  • Bigleaf
  • Vanilla Strawberry
  • Limelight
  • Quick Fire
  • Oakleaf

5. Fothergilla hybrid ‘Mt Airy’

Fothergilla is a lovely shrub for any season of the year. The ‘Mount Airy’ hybrid cultivar is a particular handsome option for north Georgia. The ‘Mount Airy’ hybrid displays beautiful white springtime blooms but also has excellent summer foliage with its dark green leaves. Its vibrant color in the autumn makes it a welcome addition along with the dark green leaves that become orange, yellow, and reddish-purple in the fall. The Fothergilla shrub has a fragrance reminiscent of honey. It can handle both wet and dry soil types. The ‘Mount Airy’ cultivar is fond of both partial shade and full sun.

If you are interested in transforming your property by introducing splashes of color in your landscape, get in touch with the shrub planting experts at Proscapes & Tree today.

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