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5 Tips to Increase Privacy with Landscaping

Privacy is becoming an increasingly significant concern for homeowners. Whether you live in an urban area or a rural one, there’s always a risk of prying eyes. However, you don’t have to settle for living in a fishbowl and using landscaping is an effective way to increase privacy around your house without drastically changing the exterior appearance. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips to help you increase privacy on your property with the help of your landscape designs.

Use Hedging

One of the easiest and most common ways to create privacy on your property is by turning to hedging plants. Arborvitae, boxwood, and holly are popular choices, and they can be planted in long rows or clusters. Apart from adding privacy, they can enhance your property’s landscape and become an attractive sight. The only drawback is that they require regular maintenance, including trimming and pruning to maintain their shape.

Add Climbing Plants

Another popular option is to add climbing plants. If you have a fence surrounding your property or a wall near your house, climbing plants like ivy, clematis, or roses can give you privacy while enhancing your home’s curb appeal. What’s more, they don’t require much space, and they are low maintenance. Just make sure to prune them and control their growth as overgrowth can look messy.

Install Tall Trees

Tall trees like Leyland cypress, green giant Arborvitae, and silver maple can serve as a great privacy fence and natural sound barrier. Their natural height and lengthy branches can provide excellent coverage and enhance your property’s beauty. The only drawback to planting taller trees is that they take longer to mature and may require maintenance like pruning to maintain their shape.

Add Water Features

Believe it or not, adding a water feature can add privacy to your property. Features like fountains and waterfalls not only add charm and tranquility but also create white noise that blocks unwanted sounds and voices around your yard. Large water features can be alluring and create a focal point in your landscape design.

Use Curtains and Screens

Finally, you can enhance your privacy with the help of curtains and screens. If you have a pergola, patio, or deck that requires privacy, install outdoor curtains or screens to enjoy a secluded and relaxing area outside your house. Outdoor screens come in various materials, including wood, bamboo, or artificial greenery, and they can be customized to fit your landscape design.

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