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7 Key Principles of a Successful Landscape Design

Without a well-thought-out design concept, a landscaper or contractor will have difficulty developing and implementing effective changes. You can make your backyard, front yard, or other outdoor space more inviting by applying fundamental principles of landscape design. An expert landscaper will need to see your property before making specific design recommendations, but the following seven tips are the first step toward a stunning outdoor remodel or renovation.

#1: Don’t Overcomplicate Things

Many homeowners are enthusiastic about landscape design and want to show off as much of their outdoor spaces as possible. However, overdoing your home’s landscape design can leave your yard looking cluttered.

#2: Include Varied Elements to Hold People’s Interest

The elements in your home landscape should keep your guest’s interest. Accent colors, artistic pieces, water features, and other additions give your backyard landscapes an exciting look.

#3: Aim for a Balanced Composition

One way to keep your landscape inviting without becoming overwhelming is to balance some elements against one another. Placing elements in symmetrical orientations, such as flanking a doorway, path, or arbor, create an orderly appearance.

#4: Emphasize Important Elements

A theme can make your landscape coherent, attractive, and memorable. If your yard has a patio, pool, garden, or other prominent feature, add lighting, color, and art pieces to accentuate the important parts of your lawn and establish the theme.

#5: Draw Attention in Sequence

You can improve the functionality and style of your backyard space by including features that help your visitors know where to look. Landscape design features lead the eye toward gardens, fire features, and other valuable parts of the landscape.

#6: Keep an Eye on Proportion 

A key landscape design principle to consider is the size and arrangement of the prominent design elements. An object’s size and placement can support its role in the overall design scheme.

#7: Reinforce a Common Theme

A unified design scheme using consistent decor, materials, and architecture of your landscape design gives your outdoor spaces a planned, orderly feel. Create the look of a country cabin, “at the lake” theme, or other location to evoke excitement or tranquility.

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