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How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree?

Removing trees from your property can be a tough decision, both emotionally and financially. There are many factors to consider, such as tree size and condition, location on the property, accessibility of the work site, and local regulations. Of course, one of the biggest questions for homeowners is usually: how much does it cost to remove a tree? In this blog post, we’ll help you start thinking through important considerations when removing a tree from your yard – such as safety concerns for yourself and your home – as well as provide some insight into what typical removal costs might look like in various situations.

So How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree in Georgia?

The cost for removing a tree can vary tremendously. Some local tree removal companies will use the height of the tree to price their jobs, in addition to the tree’s surroundings. Since every job is slightly different we prefer to provide ballpark pricing that is an approximation so you know what to expect.

Average Northern Georgia Tree Removal Prices (Based on Tree Height)

25 feet and below: $125-$500+
25 feet – 75 feet: $175 – $1000
75 feet and above: $400 – $1,500+

Please note that every tree service project is different so job pricing will vary from property to property. Be sure to ask about everything that is included with the price, as the stump will remain unless it is removed – this will generally be an additional charge. Chipping the brands and tree trunk will be the next step – be sure to ask if it along with the transportation charges of hauling all the debris (whether it is just chipped or hauled in bulk) is included in the price. Lastly, clean up after the job is included. This is incredibly important because when a large tree is cut down, there will likely be hundreds of small pieces of branches, saw dust, leaves, acorns, pine needles, etc. scattered throughout the work area.

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