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Planting trees without careful research and planning can result in poor results later on. Check out these flowering, shade and fruit trees that are ten of the best options for the state of Georgia.

Flowering Trees

1. Magnolia

The iconic magnolia tree is one of the most enduring symbols of the south. Over 200 different species of magnolia can be found, but look for native trees like the big leaf magnolia or umbrella magnolia. This tree displays beautiful pink, white, purple, red or yellow flowers.

magnolia tree

2. Crape Myrtle

Another southern flowering tree is the crape myrtle. It features red, pink, or white blossoms in the springtime. This tree species is resistant to drought conditions but requires full sunlight. Beware of this tree if you want to avoid the mess when its flowers start dropping in the fall.

3. White Dogwood

Compared to crape myrtles, white dogwoods need ample shade. You will commonly see them growing below tall pine trees in native forests. For size, white dogwoods can grow taller than 20 feet.

Shade Trees

4. River Birch

From its name, it may not be surprising that this tree grows along lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. It is native to this area of the United States and makes an excellent tree for a Georgian landscape. In the autumn, river birches showcase beautiful yellow leaves. In the summer, it produces tiny green cones. Avoid planting it too close to any buildings because they can grow upwards of 90 feet tall.

5. Princeton Elm

Princeton elm trees are a fast-growing species for someone who wants to have a large shade tree on their property as soon as possible. It makes an excellent shade tree due to its large leaves. In the fall, this shady foliage turns yellow and golden.

6. Southern Live Oak

The southern live oak is the official state tree of Georgia. It is native to the south and once was used by settlers to construct sturdy ships. You can see historic buildings made with southern live oak wood in Georgian cities to this day. They can grow big and tall to offer shade for years to come. Make sure to give it the space it needs to spread out in your yard.

Fruit Trees

7. Peach Tree

If fruit trees are part of your dream landscape, consider the iconic Georgia peach tree. One of the reasons Georgia is known for its peaches is because it has an exceptional climate for growing peach trees. Full sunlight suits this species the best and you will not have to worry much about frost in the fall or winter.

8. Apple Tree

Different cultivars of apple trees can be found across Georgia. Consider Granny Smith, red delicious or Fuji for your property, allowing you to easily bake any fruit into pies and other recipes. Apple trees may need extra nutrients in the soil such as lime, and you will also need to understand how to prune them correctly so they can grow to their full potential. This may require hiring a professional tree trimming company.

9. Apricot Tree

Apricot trees are found in various areas around the state of Georgia. This popular fruit tree also has different cultivars like the apple tree. Watch out for the Katy cultivar as it cannot tolerate freezing temperatures like we experience throughout the greater Marietta, GA area in the winter.

10. Pear Tree

Pear trees are almost as popular as peach trees. The Oriental and Asian varieties grow well in Georgia. Other cultivars such as the European and Bartlett, do not thrive in our climate.

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