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With so many options available for tree removal services it may be difficult to narrow down your choice. There are some essential questions you should always ask a company before you hire them for a tree removal project as proper research is critical to ensure the job is done right.

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1. Are They Licensed?

If a tree removal company is licensed and insured, you will know that your property is protected. Ask for access to their policies and check to see liability coverage and worker’s compensation insurance. Liability coverage ensures that any damage that may occur to your property will be repaired, and worker’s compensation takes the burden off you if a worker is hurt while working on your property.

2. How Much Experience Do They Have?

Consider asking about how many years they have been in the tree removal industry. An experienced tree removal company has seen and done more with all the tree varieties in your local area, they possess the knowledge and forethought to properly execute tree trimming and removal work safely and efficiently.

3. Do They Offer Detailed Estimates?

A quality tree removal company offers an estimate for their services before you hire them. Ask for an estimate so that you can compare prices between different companies and understand how they will charge you for their services. If a company is charging noticeably less for the same service, it might indicate their lack of experience or corners being cut.

4. How Do They Approach the Job?

Try to get a picture of how they will complete the project. For example, some companies might be able to save a live tree with dead branches. Asking for a detailed project plan is an opportunity to ensure that there will be no surprises when the job is done and that both you and the contractor are on the same page with the scope of work.

5. What Type of Equipment Do They Use?

Make sure that you are hiring a tree removal company that uses professional-grade equipment. You cannot expect a project to be completed professionally without using high-quality tools. It’s also good practice to inquire about what safety equipment they use to protect their workers when climbing trees or cutting them down.

6. How Do They Minimize Property Damage?

Be sure to ask about procedures they take to reduce potential damage to your property. A professional tree removal company will have a plan to repair the lawn area that equipment may need to drive over to access the worksite, as well as refreshing mulch or flower beds, etc.

7. How Long Do Projects Take?

Ask for project timelines. Most residential tree removal projects are completed in a day. If land clearing is required, it may be a multi-day project. Keep in mind that uncontrollable circumstances such as widespread storm damage will throw a curveball into timelines.

8. Do They Clean Up After The Work Is Done?

A reputable tree removal company will always leave your property looking better than it looked when it arrived. Make sure to get the details for how they haul out branches, wood chips (if using a tree chipper), leaves that are scattered throughout the work area, debris that may land in the street, etc. Some companies may charge extra for hauling out debris but the majority will include this in their bid.

9. Do They Have References?

You can learn a lot about a company from what other clients have to say about working with them. Reviews from online sources such as their Google Maps listing, Facebook and Yelp are an excellent way to learn about a tree removal company’s reputation.

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