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Summer days will soon be here again and with those days comes time spent outside in the sunshine. There are a few key steps to take to get your lawn ready for more activity. We recommend taking these steps to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your lawn during the summer. You will also be able to showcase a fresh look to everyone in your neighborhood.

Spring Yard Clean Up

You don’t have to wait until summer officially sets in to start thinking about sprucing up your lawn! A spring yard clean up is a great first step to take after a long fall and winter. Remove leaves and other debris from your lawn and landscaping beds to make way for new growth and new plants. You will be thankful come summer as you will not have to worry about danger causing debris scattered throughout your yard.

Dethatch The Lawn

Right after winter is a great time to schedule a dethatching for your choked grass. Thatch is mainly made up of dead grass and builds on top of the surface of your lawn. You need to remove that layer as soon as possible to allow for the lush growth of your grass in summertime. While you can rent a machine to dethatch your lawn as a DIY project, Proscapes & Tree offers this service with expert precision and can get it done in a fraction of the time.

Aerating Turf

Summer is a time when your lawn sees a lot of heavy traffic from people, pets, and lawnmowers. Over time, the soil can compact and prevent water and nutrients from getting to the roots. This compaction is detrimental to growth. Consider aerating your lawn to open up this critical part of your yard. Your grass will be able to grow better and stronger with more airflow. More air and space means more room for the root system of your lawn to expand and strengthen. And as summer progresses, your lawn becomes more lush and beautiful.

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Regular Mowing

As the weather gets warmer, it is time to start mowing more frequently to keep your lawn well-manicured. You will see amazing results, including a thicker lawn, once you start keeping a regular schedule for basic lawn maintenance. Proscapes & Tree can help you out with our weekly mowing services. We curate our services so you do not have to think about making sure the lawn is looked after.

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