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Proscapes & Tree is a top-tier residential & commercial with tree service in Holly Springs, GA that provides removal, trimming, pruning and stump grinding.

The Best Tree Service in Holly Springs

Trees provide oxygen, shade, and protection from the wind and lend their branches to homes and food for wildlife and birds. Trees are lovely and vital to our lives. However, when a tree develops a problem, you need the professional tree services we offer at Proscapes & Tree. Our tree service in Holly Springs, GA includes tree removal, stump grinding, and tree trimming. If you don’t have the right equipment or experience, a tree trimming or removal job can be dangerous. We can take care of all your tree pruning and removal needs with no risk of personal injury or property damage. We also offer emergency tree services, give us a call today to schedule your next tree project.

Local Tree Trimming & Removal Company Holly Springs, GA

Branches that are growing out of control have a risk of breaking off during inclement weather and damaging your roof or other structures. We offer a complete trimming service in Holly Springs, GA, which involves removing dead, diseased, or intrusive tree limbs. If you notice fungal growth, leaf discoloration, or other signs of disease, trimming is also necessary to preserve the tree’s health.

If a tree is leaning, growing closer and closer to your home, or becoming a lightning hazard, the tree may need to be removed completely. At Proscapes & Tree, we can safely remove an entire tree, regardless of its size or location. To find out if you need tree removal or trimming, give us a call today for to set up a free consultation.

Professional Stump Grinding Services

Removing a tree is only half the solution. Tree stumps that remain can be problematic when using or maintaining your yard. Plus their roots can damage your sewer lines or pipes. An old stump is also susceptible to pests and decay, and they are unsightly and make your yard appear unkempt. We offer a complete tree stump removal service, which involves grinding down the stump and removing all remaining roots. To schedule stump removal in Holly Springs, GA and get a free estimate, contact us today.

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