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Tree Service in Roswell, GA

Proscapes & Tree is a local, family-owned & operated tree service serving residential and commercial clients in Roswell, GA. Providing emergency tree service, removal, trimming and stump grinding.

Professional Tree Service Roswell, GA

To remain vibrant and in good health, trees require routine trimming. Especially in the event of disease or damage, troublesome branches must pruned off in order for a tree to survive. In some cases where the volume of trimming would leave a tree looking unsightly or structurally weak, a full tree removal may be necessary. Save yourself the inconvenience by trusting the expert team at Proscapes & Tree to take on the high-risk tasks of climbing your trees to effectively trim the branches. Our team has over three decades of combined experience in all things horticulture and tree work and can handle any size project. We are a full-service contractor providing emergency tree service, tree removal, tree trimming and stump grinding. Give us a call today to get your next project started.

Reliable Tree Trimming & Removal in Roswell, GA

Routine tree trimming is an essential part of taking care of your trees. It helps keep your trees healthy, remove any safety hazards such as dead branches, and allows your trees to reach their full growth potential. In some cases, trees may even require emergency trimming after a severe storm leaves damaged and broken branches in its path. If this happens, call the Roswell tree service experts at Proscapes & Tree for an assessment and recommendations.

If any of your trees are unexpectedly shedding their leaves or fruit due to disease or old age it may be time to remove the tree. Our tree removal in Roswell includes an in-depth inspection and a detailed quote. Our tree removal team is well-versed in removing trees of all varieties and sizes and ensure the work area is thoroughly cleaned after we take down the tree.

Stump Grinding & Removal Services

A tree stump takes up valuable space within your yard or landscape. Plus they can trigger unsightly growth of “volunteers” and if it’s starting to rot, it can become an excellent habitat for pests such as termites, ants, or wasps. At Proscapes & Tree, our experienced team uses efficient commercial-grade equipment for all stump grinding jobs and can get that annoying stump off your property in short period of time. We can also remove the leftover debris and install new topsoil and grass seed or sod in the place of the old stump.

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