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The Importance of Proper Lawn and Landscape Drainage

Rainy days and thunderstorms wonderful events that give your plants, trees and lawn a much-needed drink. But if you don’t have proper lawn drainage in place, then you could be at risk for property damage. Here are a few tips to help you avoid these issues:

Water Runoff Protection

One of the easiest ways to prevent the possibility of a swampy yard is to have a gutter system professionally installed. This type of prevention is best for a property with proper slopes because it will send the water to the turf areas and water will run away from your home and other structures.

Below Surface

When it comes to below surface lawn drainage systems, there are several options available. A French drain is one of the most popular choices. This type of system features a channel that will be dug in the space where water is accumulating. Once the channel is in place, a punched pipe and drainage gravel will be installed inside. These elements attach to a solid collection pipe that will empty into a separate container or a storm drain.

Trench drains are another option. If you go with this type of system, then your exterior space will have a drop inlet. Most inlets measure four to six inches wide. They come in different lengths that are usually less than two feet long. Consider a trench drain for flooding problems that are near the border of a paved section or near a garage. This type of system will transport water using below-surface piping.

Lawn & Landscape Grading

There are other ways to resolve flooding problems. For instance, you can increase the elevation of an area. In most cases, flooding happens in the low parts and if the slope incorrect it can lead to problems. To build up a low area, removing the existing landscaping bed or grass area, add soil beneath it and grade it out using a skid loader to set the proper slope so water runs away from structures. This is a great solution to help prevent water from accumulating throughout your lawn.

Dry Creek Beds

A dry creek bed is another option that is highly sought-after because creates a more natural appearance on your property and can compliment the existing landscape throughout your property. This method involves excavating a trench that is filled with varying sized rock such as river rock or limestone, and its purpose is to direct water to another location similar to how water moves through a natural creek, or for lower water volume applications it’s designed to hold the water that comes in and the soil below eventually absorbs it.

Protecting Your Home and Property with Drainage Solutions

Outdoor drainage for your lawn and exterior landscaping lowers your risk of experiencing a flooded basement as well as property damage. Consider the type of flooding potential you’re at risk for prior to selecting an outdoor drainage system. Options include surface and below surface drainage systems as well as elevation or landscaping changes. When you have a landscape drainage system in place, you’ll enjoy peace of mind.

If you’re looking for top-rated outdoor drainage solutions in the northwest Atlanta metro, get in touch with Proscapes & Tree today.

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