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When is the Best Time of Year to Trim Your Trees & Shrubs?

Pruning back branches on trees is an excellent method to improve the health of your trees and shrubs. Many property owners seek out professional services for shrub & tree trimming due to the fact that it can be challenging work to complete and if performed at the wrong time of year, can be detrimental to the tree or shrub’s long term success. One of the biggest advantages to trimming is that branches can be cut strategically to open up the tree canopy and provide more air and sunlight to the tree and the ground below. Another top reason is to remove potential problems. Regardless of the reason for trimming and pruning, we’ve drawn up when the ideal times of year to tackle the project.

When to Prune/Trim

If small branches need pruning to open up your outdoor space, this work can be completed at any time of the year. However, large branches are a different story. Branches that make up a large percentage of the crown are best pruned in the winter because most trees are dormant during the cooler months.

However, certain tree and shrub varieties are more at risk from winter frost. Trim these species only in the middle of summer after flowering. A good time to prune magnolias and maples is in the summer because these tree species recover slowly after having branches cut off. Apple trees, azaleas, lilacs and forsythia require pruning early in the growing season to ensure a fruitful flowering.

Cutting Limbs or Branches

The most common reason a property owner will seek out tree trimming is to deal with dead or diseased tree branches. Diseases are less likely to spread during the cooler months which is another reason why pruning trees is ideal in the winter, compared to the summer where a tree becomes vulnerable to pests and disease after being trimmed.

Should You Dress Fresh Wounds on Your Trees?

Some trees are more likely to bleed, which is when sap leaks out from the area where the branch is cut. While these spots may not look pretty, they are a natural process for many tree species. Species that will bleed a lot include beech, birch, yellowwood, maple and elm. We do not recommend dressing or painting these open wounds to protect the tree. Let the tree recover on its own time, or it may actually hinder the tree’s own healing process.

Emergency Tree Removal

We understand that trees and shrubs develop can issues on their own schedule. Deciding when to remove a tree showing signs of serious problems may require the assessment of a professional. If a problem is caught early enough, trimming out the issue may prevent the tree from dying. But if it is past the point of no return, get in touch with the Marietta tree removal professionals at Proscapes & Tree today.

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