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If tree trimming is not part of the regular maintenance you complete around the yard, you should consider adding it to the list. There are a variety of reasons to trim your trees. You might have noticed some of the signs that indicate your trees are in desperate need of a trim. Ignoring these signs is a poor decision if you want happy, healthy trees.

1. Keep the Proper Shape

Trees do not naturally grow in precise, tidy shapes. A consistent schedule for pruning and trimming helps train trees so that they grow in optimal patterns. If you see a tree on your property with dense branches and a short trunk, it likely needs a trim. Fruit trees require specific shapes to optimize fruit production without overloading tree limbs.

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2. Healthier Trees

Trimming is a great way to remove unhealthy branches. Be proactive and eliminate any possibility of disease at the first sign of dead branches or discolored leaves. One infected section can spread disease to the rest of the tree if left unchecked. Removing one or two branches is better than cutting down an entire tree.

3. Enhance Curb Appeal

The look of your trees can negatively impact your curb appeal. Regular trimming is the best way to showcase the beautiful aesthetics of your entire landscape. Guests will notice broken branches and dead portions instead of your meticulously designed landscaping features and lawn areas. You will not have to think twice about curb appeal as long as you schedule yearly trimmings for all your trees.

4. Restrict Excessive Growth

Too much growth can be a bad thing if trees start growing into power lines, fences, or the sides of your house. Scheduling routine tree pruning to avoid dangerous situations such as large branches dropping onto your home during a storm or getting in the way when mowing the lawn. Even smaller trees can become a nuisance if their branches are left to grow in every direction.

5. Give Life To Other Plants

Many trees provide incredible shade for your yard, but too much shade can restrict growth in smaller plants. If you notice shrubs or flowers in your yard struggling to compete for water, sunlight and air, a good trimming might be due. Trimmed branches let more light and wind through the canopy.

6. Remove Obstacles

The trees in your yard can be beautiful to look at, but they might also block your views. If you live near a beach, lake, or somewhere else scenic, you want to have the best scene from your windows. Trimming your trees will allow unobstructed views without compromising tree health.

7. Increase Flower and Fruit Production

Flowering trees or seasonal fruit trees need regular trimmings to produce the best blossoms and the most fruit. To optimize fruit production, you should remove excess branches so that energy goes to a few branches at a time. Flowering trees showcase the most beautiful blossoms on newer growth, so prune every year so that there are spaces for flowers to appear each spring.

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